Terms and conditions

Terms of Service
1. Commissioning of another freight carrier
The furniture carrier can use another carrier to carry the goods.

2. Additional services
The forwarder carries out his obligations with due regard to the interests of the sender with the customary care of a proper furniture forwarder against payment of the agreed fee. In addition to be reimbursed are special, unforeseeable upon conclusion of the contract services and expenses. The same applies if the scope of service is extended by the sender after conclusion of the contract.

3. Collective transport
The relocation may also be carried out in collective transport.

4. Tips
Gratuities are not billable with the invoice of the furniture forwarder.

5. Reimbursement of relocation costs
Insofar as the sender has a claim to relocation costs for a service or an employer, he instructs this body to pay the agreed and due relocation expenses minus advance payments or partial payments directly to the furniture forwarder upon request.

6. Transport locks
The sender is required to carry mobile or electronic parts on highly sensitive devices such as Washing machines, turntables, television, radio and Hifi devices, EDP equipment is professionally secured for transport. The furniture forwarder is not obliged to check the correct transport safety.

7. Electrical and installation work
Unless otherwise agreed, the people of the furniture forwarder are not entitled to carry out any electrical, gas, anchor or other installation work.

8. Craftsman mediation
For services of additional mediated craftsmen, the furniture carrier is liable only for careful selection.

9. Offsetting
Against claims of the furniture forwarder offsetting is only allowed with due counterclaims, which are legally effective or undisputed.

10. Assignment
At the request of the person entitled to compensation, the furniture forwarder is obliged to assign the rights due to him from the insurance contract for which he is entitled to the replacement.

11. Misunderstandings
The risk of misunderstanding of other than written order confirmations, instructions and notifications of the sender and other people who were not empowered by the furniture forwarder and are not authorized to accept them, exempt the forwarder from any responsibility.

12. Verification by the sender
When collecting the goods to be moved, the sender is obliged to check that no item or equipment is taken or left behind by mistake.

13. Due date of the agreed fee
The invoice amount is due for domestic transports before completion of the unloading, for international transports prior to commencement of loading and in cash or in the form of equivalent means of payment. Cash disbursements in foreign currency are to be paid according to the settled exchange rate. If the sender does not comply with his payment obligation, the furniture forwarder is entitled to stop the relocation of goods or to store them at the expense of the sender after commencement of the carriage. § 419 applies accordingly.

14. Resignation from the contract
Para. 6.6 DIN EN ISO 12522-1 is replaced by the relevant provisions of the BGB and HGB, in particular by §§ 415 HGB, 346 ff BGB.

15. Warehouse contract
In case of storage, the General Conditions of Storage of the German Furniture Transport (ALB) apply. These are provided at the request of the sender.

16. Jurisdiction
For legal disputes with registered traders under this contract and claims for other legal reasons connected with the transport order, the court in whose district the branch office of the furniture forwarder commissioned by the sender is exclusively responsible. For disputes with merchants other than merchants, exclusive jurisdiction shall apply only in the event that the consignor moves his domicile or habitual residence abroad after conclusion of the contract or if his domicile or personal residence is not known at the time of filing of the action.

17. Choice of law
German law applies.

18. AMÖ clearance office
Schulstrasse 53, 65795 Hattersheim, Fax. 0 61 90/98 98 20